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The Best News Bloopers of May 2016

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This Nursing Home Is Also A Preschool

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Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle is home to more than 400 elderly residents. It is also home to a preschool. What can the very old and very young offer each other if given the chance? Just watch.

The Luckiest Unlucky Man To Ever Live

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This & That Visuals has created an animated short that tells the many death-defying tales of Frane Selak, “The Luckiest Unlucky Man To Ever Live.” The Croatian music teacher has cheated death seven times. He’s bee...

Dutch Reporter Fall Into A River During Interview

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A Dutch reporter trying to casually interview the Kampen mayor Bort Koelewijn and falling overboard, only to have said mayor try to fish her out of the ... You know exactly what's going to happen in the video but it's...

Car Hits Man Onto Mattress

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Lucky man! Except for the car hitting part. Sort of lucky man! Super sort of!

New President of Columbia Wets Pants

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As far as work done by politicians, I've seen worse than a puddle of urine.

Dog Crashes Canadian Newscast

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"Toronto news has dog co-Anchor... Excuse me I--oh...nevermind..."HAHAHA .  Nice Moment.

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