Try to Do That with Your Cat

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When Cats Go Full Crazy

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Dolphin Knocks Paddleboarder Off His Board

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Don’t Fall Asleep Around this Cat

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Rock climbing bears

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An endangered Mexican Black Bear cub follows its mother up Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park, Texas. Just watch this video.Rock climbing is hard. Even for bears.There are times you think he might fall, t...

Excited Puppy Spots Its Owner

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The Ultimate Fails Compilation

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Two Dogs Dinning

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Haha so funny

Pretty Relaxed – Bavaria TV Commercial Ad

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Rumor has it Elvis is still enjoying a pretty relaxed life, together with many other supposedly deceased celebs.

Student’s April Fools prank on professor

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April Fools Day was  a week ago, but this prank is just too darn good not to share!Who says your macroeconomics class has to be all work and no play? If you're a student at Aquinas College and your professor has a ver...

An Unexpected Musical Masterpiece

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Mind-Blowing ‘Fifth Element – Plava Laguna’ Cover

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Guy Finds Himself to Belly Dance on Live TV While He Was There for a Sword Dancing Lesson

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I'll quote him: " I volunteered to be the student for a sword dancing lesson on a Fox Morning Show. When we entered the studio, there was no communication, and the hosts just threw to music. Here, I am, shirtless, in ...

John Oliver Reads A Hilarious Response From POM Wonderful

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On ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,’ John reads a letter he received from the makers of POM Wonderful, a juice product he recently skewered on air. In response to the show's segment in the Last Week Tonight pre...

‘Siri and Me’ Vine Compilation by RED 6

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Darth Lily Meets Lego R2D2

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This is so sweet! A cute little girl dressed as Darth Vader chats with a life-size Lego R2D2 (L3-G0) at the 2014 Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington.Watch as L3-G0 conquer his fears and gives in to the power o...

Put your hand into water, it stays dry : Crazy Experiment

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Incredible experiment using hydrophobic Lycopodium powder! This guy will put his hand into this powder then put it into water… His hand stays completely dry! Magical product used into fireworks…


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A Dog Protected A Kitten During A Lightning Storm, And Here’s How The Internet Responded

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While this dog was defending a kitten from a scary thunderstorm his own captured a picture of him at exactly the right moment and put it on the internet. Here’s how the internet responded: More info: Blazewe...

The Moment A Stork Reaches Into A Crocodile’s Gaping Maw To Retrieve The Fish It Stole From Him

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  The mind-boggling moment a stork reached deep into a crocodile’s jaws was captured on camera and promptly went viral. More info:

Artist travels the world with mannequin family

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Suzanne Heintz, a local photographer and self-proclaimed spinster, recently saw her mannequin family portraits go viral. As a single woman, she got fed up with the bombardment of questions about when she was going to ...